We specialise in the start-up and scale-up ecosystem and are a trusted partner for venture capital and private equity firms investing in technology product companies. Partnering with Founders and Leaders to identify and attract talent, our clients benefit from our deep network and intimate understanding of the unique VC and PE-backed ecosystem.

Executive, Retained And Contingent

Our solutions are fit for purpose for the size and stage of your company. We offer executive search, retained, and contingent recruitment services.

Our clients are start-ups and scale-ups, venture capital, and private equity funds, each transitioning through different stages of change and growth – seed to series A, acquisition, merger, IPO, and new market entry.

Embedded Recruitment

Our Embedded Recruitment model is designed to suit early-stage seed to series A companies. We form part of your team to design and deliver a scalable recruitment solution to suit your growth trajectory. 

We embody your culture and values and are your brand’s voice to candidates and future employees.


What is the difference between Exclusive, Retained and Contingent Recruitment?

Exclusive Recruitment means there is no money paid upfront. You agree to partner with us on an exclusive basis.

Retained Recruitment means you pay a partial fee upfront to engage Cultivate exclusively. It is most common for confidential searches, niche, or senior appointments. 

Contingent Recruitment means if there is no placement, there is no fee. We partner with you on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis to fill individual roles.

What is the benefit of Retained Search?

When you retain us, we join you at the start of your recruitment process, help you define your job requirements, design the interview process, and guide you through salary benchmarking.

Our pricing model is slightly different from traditional agencies. We ask for a smaller commitment fee up front, with the remainder paid upon successful hire.

What are the recruitment fees?

Our services are fit for purpose. Our start-up and scale-up pricing model means you pay for exactly what you need and nothing more.

We offer competitive fee structures regardless of how we are engaged. We provide payment plans, are open to taking equity, and consider your size and stage when discussing pricing.

How does Embedded Recruitment work?

Our Embedded Recruitment model is perfect for early-stage companies not ready to commit to a full-time talent acquisition headcount.

We are embedded into your team and operate as your internal recruitment team. We plug into your tools, systems, and processes. Embedded Recruitment is efficient on time and costs and gives you Cultivate’s access and network with the benefit of an in-house feel.

How much does Embedded Recruitment cost?
Our fit for purpose solutions mean the monthly cost depends on the scope of work. The monthly subscription could start as low as SGD 3,000 per month. The subscription fee is dynamically linked to the volume of roles, location of hiring, and urgency.
What does the monthly Embedded Recruitment subscription include?

You have the entire Cultivate team behind you, and you gain access to our network and expertise. 

You have a dedicated Cultivate resource that leads the hiring process. Including job description creation and management, interview structure design, inbound candidate screening, proactive headhunting, interview coordination, reference checking, offer management, and supporting with day-one onboarding.