HR Services & Advisory

All companies have varying degrees of HR and people needs. We provide a scalable and strategic approach to human resources that is fit for purpose, depending on your company’s size and growth trajectory.


We design your HR infrastructure and can manage it for you too. It is easy to forget, but it is equally important to have visibility over your HR systems, tools, and processes to attract, develop, and retain your people.

We operate as your in-house HR & PeopleOps team managing employee onboarding, offboarding, and everything in between, contributing to employee experience and retention.


We provide expertise that supports the decision-making that impacts your people. We bring a toolkit that creates value as your company grows and evolves.

With our blend of in-house operator and consulting experience, we are uniquely positioned with broad and deep expertise in recruitment, HR operations, and strategy.

Our fractional services suit you if you’d like support thinking through strategic work or need temporary help in a part-time, interim consulting, or project capacity.


Our HR due diligence approach gives insights into a company’s HR processes and practices, employment templates, compensation framework, benefits, organisation design, and culture.

For companies looking to sell, grow, or raise investment, we offer expertise to ensure you can identify and rectify issues before engaging investors or buyers.

For the buy-side, we aim to prevent some of the common pitfalls of a merger or acquisition by giving you a thorough understanding of the target’s capabilities, risks, and culture.


How does a Fractional engagement work?
As a Fractional Head of People, we are readily available and flexible. We provide a service that is suited to your unique needs. We can form a seamless part of your leadership team or as an advisor to Founders or C-suite. Typically we join your team for an initial 3-month engagement. In most cases, we stay for the long haul. We flex as you scale.
We have an internal HR team, however, we need some leadership support. Can you help?
The scope of work depends on your unique needs. If you have an existing People or HR team, we join as an extension of the team to fill the gaps, mentor the team, and uplift capability.
How long does the HR due diligence process take?
Typically, the HR DD process is about one to two months. Upon completing the project and delivering our summary and recommendations, we can align with you on an integration plan for an M&A process or an internal HR DD process implementation plan.
What is your pricing structure for HR Services?
Our pricing depends on your needs and the exact scope of work. The fractional model can be engaged on a project basis or fixed monthly retainer. An HR due diligence project is a fixed fee, invoiced in two parts upon commencement and completion.
What if we hire you as a Fractional Head of People but then decide to hire someone internally?
We know our earlier-stage clients will eventually graduate from us and need a full-time Head of People. The unique benefit we offer is that you have complete business continuity and handover of legacy knowledge.  We can help you source and hire your Head of People and ensure the person is onboarded and set up for success.